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National Safety Council Fatigue Calculator


The National Safety Council has teamed with Brigham and Women's Hospital to develop an easy-to-use online tool, where employers can receive a tailored estimate of how much fatigue is costing their bottom line. The calculator will estimate how much of the burden can be avoided with programs implemented in the workplace.

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Today it is easier than ever totest your employee populationfor sleep related disorders


HomeSleep'scompletesleepbenefitmanagementprogram combines screening, testing,treatmentandcompliance into onecomprehensivesolution.



HomeSleep's programgivesemployers and insurers theability to implement a newsleep program or to controlthe quality and expense ofexisting sleep programs..



Untreated sleep apnea is amajor independent risk factor whichcontributes to

  • Rail accidents

  • Motor vehicle accidents

  • Increased insurance premiums

  • Increased health costs

  • Unsafe work environments

  • Millions of dollars in damages

  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars in healthcare expenses



HomeSleep's sleep benefit management program

  • Decreaseswork related accidents

  • Decreases insurancepremiums

  • Decrease liabilities

  • Increases employee wellness

  • Increases productivity andworkplace moral

  • Creates a safer workenvironment