HomeSleep is a comprehensive solution for the dentist to become a specialist in dental sleep medicine. Home Sleep provides the home sleep testing (HST) device as a medical diagnostic service to your dental patient for treatable snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) in your dental practice. Home sleep works along with the dentist and the patient’s primary care physician to insure comprehensive care.


We provide HST devices and complete medical reporting back to your dental practice, which is required for medical reimbursement. You then provide oral appliance' therapy, billable to the patients' medical insurance. The reimbursement is typically in the $2,000 to $3,000 range; which is a significant opportunity for enhancing your practice and gaining sustainable long-term revenue.


For oral appliance therapy, a second efficacy HST is performed to assess optimization of therapy. HomeSleep provides your practice optional medical billing for the Oral Appliance and related dental visits and services. Continuing education and training is available informally as well as for formal CE credit on the topic of OSA, treatment protocols, and new developments in the field.


Risks of having Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and Primary Care Conditions


Condition OSA Prevalence
Hypertension 35%-45%
Diabetes 50%
Stroke 62%
Drug-resistant Hypertension >80%
Congestive Heart Failure 30%-50%
Arrhythmia 50%
Atrial Fibrillation 49%


Source: Circulation 2008; 118 (1080-1111)


A Proven Turnkey Solution


As the treatment of OSA moves forward, the role of the dentist has become more important. Oral Appliance Therapy for OSA puts the dentist on the frontlines of this public health issue. You are in a unique position to help identify and treat patients. HomeSleep provides a proven turnkey platform to implement and integrate dentals sleep medicine and oral appliance therapy. Benefits of include:


  • Investment not required

  • Equipment costs covered

  • Convenient home sleep testing

  • Diagnosis and interpretation by board certified sleep physicians
    provided within 24 hours of receipt of the testing unit

  • No medicalliability on diagnostic portion

  • Dedicated professional support team

  • Increased practice revenue

  • Most insurance plans accepted

  • Comprehensive medical billing services* and ongoing administrative support

  • Continuing dental sleep education opportunities*


* For detailed information about medical billing and continuing education please contact Mr. Joe Pignataro at or (201) 967-1111 extension 205; additional costs may apply.


A recent study concluded that a home-based strategy for diagnosis and treatment of OSA is comparable with in-laboratory PSG and is not inferior in terms of acceptance, adherence, time-to-treatment, and functional improvements.*


* For detailed information about medical billing and continuing education please contact Mr. Joe Pignataro or (201) 967-1111 extension 205; additional costs may apply.



An Integrated Solution for Obstructive Sleep Apnea
within Your Dental Practice


OSA Patient Management


  • Tools to educate and screen patients

  • Convenient home sleep testing for your patients

  • Medical insurance verification

  • The expertise of board certified sleep specialists

  • Dedicated professional support team



How HomeSleep Dental Testing Works


Testing & Diagnosis


  • Patient’s dentist screens for OSA and contacts HomeSleepwith positive screening results

  • HomeSleepcontacts patient's primary care physician to obtain referral for home sleep testing (HST)

  • HST device shipped by USPS directly to the patient’s home at no cost

  • We provide easy instructions for the patient on how to use the device overnight and how to return it to HomeSleep

  • Study interpretation and report with recommendations sent within 24 hours
    of receipt of the testing unit


Patient Treatment


  • Referring dentist discusses results andtreatment options with patient

  • Referring dentist orders oral appliance or other treatment options for patient

Patient Compliance

  • Patient follows up with dental visits for adjustments and subsequent efficacy studies as necessary

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