HomeSleepprovidesdiagnostic testing for physicians and hospitals, especially pulmonologists, otorhinolaryngologists,neurologists, cardiologists, internalmedicine physicians,family medicine practitioners, bariatric specialists and anesthesiologists.


Board Certified Sleep Specialists are able to do their own interpretations andreporting.

Leverage Our Expertise


Our service allows you to leverage our expertise in all aspects of OSA management– from diagnosticand treatment to compliance:


  • Maintain the care of your patients

  • Convenient in-home testing for patients

  • Diagnosis and interpretation by Board Certified Sleep Physicians
    provided within 24 hoursof receipt of the testing unit

  • Third-party patient DME solutions

  • Most insurance plans accepted

Risks of having Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)and Primary Care Conditions


Condition OSA Prevalence

Hypertension 35%-45%

Diabetes 50%

Stroke 62%

Drug-resistant Hypertension >80%

Congestive Heart Failure 30%-50%

Arrhythmia 50%

Atrial Fibrillation 49%


Source: Circulation 2008; 118 (1080-1111)


An Integrated Solution for Obstructive Sleep Apnea
within Your Medical Practice

OSA Patient Management


  • Convenient home sleep testing for your patients

  • Tools to educate and screen patients

  • Medical insurance verification

  • The expertise of board certified sleep specialists

  • Dedicated professional support team

How Home Sleep Medical Testing Works

Testing & Diagnosis

  • Patient’s physician screens for OSA and refers for home sleeptesting (HST)

  • HST device shipped by USPS directly to the patient’s home at no cost

  • We provide easy instructions for the patient on how to use the device overnight and how to return it to HomeSleep

  • Study interpretation and report with recommendations sent within 24 hours
    of receipt of the testing unit

Patient Treatment

  • Referring physician discusses results andtreatment options with patient

  • Referring physician orders AutoPAP, CPAP or other treatment options for patient

Patient Compliance

  • Equipment, supplies and compliance monitoring through recommended DME provider