Offering advantages in comfort, cost and convenience, Home Sleep Testing is an increasingly popular and valuable sleep wellness tool. It is quickly becoming the preferred method for diagnosing Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

HomeSleep, LLC is a Joint Commission Certified and American Academy of Sleep Medicine accredited diagnostic service provider for home testing and evaluation of sleep-disordered breathing. Our primary focus is increasing the rate of diagnosis and treatment of OSA. HomeSleep is an in-network provider with most commercial insurances and is an enrolled Medicare IDTF. We serve patients, physicians, hospitals, dentists and employers in this increasingly important field.

For physicians and hospitals, HomeSleep provides convenient home sleep diagnostic testing, the expertise of board certified sleep specialists, educational tools for patients, and insurance verification. Our sleep specialists are on hand to provide in-depth, easy-to-read reports to aid providers in the diagnosis of OSA.