Who will interpret the results of the home sleep study?

All studies are interpreted by a physician who is board certified in sleep medicine.

Who should be screened for obstructive sleep apnea?

All adult patients should be screened for OSA as part of a comprehensive approach to oral systemic health.

When looking at the sleep report what does the AHI mean?

Apnea/Hyponea Index (AHI) is the number of times per hour of sleep that the patient stopped breathing (apnea) or came very close to it (hypopnea). Each episode lasted at least 10 seconds. The AHI is the important part of the sleep report.
AHI value significance:
0-5 Normal
5-15 - Mild OSA
15-30 - Moderate OSA
30 or more - Severe OSA

Which patients are eligible for oral appliance therapy (OAT) based on medical insurance guidelines?

Patients eligible for OAT are those with mild and moderate OSA and those with severe OSA who did not tolerate/failed CPAP.

What else is important when looking at the sleep report?

RDI: This score is calculated in a very similar way as the AHI but an additional type of respiratory events named RERA are also counted. The normal range of the RDI score is 5 or lower.

ODI: This score is the average number of times the oxygen saturation in the blood dropped by 4% or more during an hour of sleep. The normal range of the ODI score is 5 or lower.

Minimum oxygen saturation value: This value should not go below 90% during normal sleep. Any value below 90% is suggestive of OSA. However, patients can have OSA even if their oxygen satuiration stays above 90% the entire night. That is why the AHI considered the most important determinant of OSA severity

What should I tell my patients with severe OSA and those who have mild/moderate OSA but do not want to proceed with OAT?

These patients should be referred to a sleep doctor for alternative treatment options such as CPAP. HomeSleep has a list of accredited sleep facilities in your area that can prescribe CPAP therapy and provide clinical follow up. If you prefer, we would be happy to speak to your patients and help them find a sleep center of their choice.

Will the dental office receive progress reports on individual patients?

HomeSleep will provide regular progress reports via fax or email indicating where each referred patient is in the pipeline.